Dialogue on ENS token valuation : ethereum

Have not seen a lot dialogue on this so figured I would submit my two cents. ENS simply launched a token.

ENS has been round since 2017 and their token simply launched like two days in the past. Which actually is voting energy for all the DNS system of Ethereum.

I suppose I am confused to see so little chatter about it. Everybody appears to be psyched that twitter/discord are rumored to combine with NFTs. Distributed profile photos are fairly cool however what about distributed names? ENS is an NFT on the finish of the day and runs on ERC-721.

It is at the moment actually solely traded on binance and DEX’s since its simply been launched and since its such a extensively supported protocol will probably be supported by main exchanges quickly.

Coinbase has signaled help: Coinbase on Twitter: “We’re taking an active role in the @ensdomains DAO, to support the future of ENS. We look forward to the community’s response and plan to provide our collective expertise to support a decentralized identity standard. You can assign us as a delegate 👉” / Twitter

Hell, even Vitalik did: vitalik.eth on Twitter: “ENS continues to be very valuable and important ethereum infrastructure. 👍👍👍” / Twitter

sooo… greatest case it will get added to all the most important exchanges? Worst case, coinbase and different bigger platforms combine extra ENS into the NFT buying and selling platforms they’re creating?

Looks as if a token was simply created for valuation of a whole sector of the NFT market. Hey, possibly persons are speaking about it and I utterly missed it. Perhaps I am an fool and utterly misinterpret the valuation of this token. Give me your ideas!

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