Kucoin is utilizing Cloudflare to disclaim web site entry throughout huge value motion to revenue on liquidations : ethereum

Hey all,

I used to design information facilities ( I turned a full time crypto dealer) and I received very involved when i noticed them utilizing tech i’m very acquainted with to try to steal peoples cash by way of liquidations.

Buying and selling leverage is dangerous however to for an organization to sport the system with thier information middle design is simply not okay.

under is a display shot of Kucoin denying entry to the web site on peak occasions utilizing Cloudflare.

Cloudflare is used for two functions. To cease a DDOS assault ( tens of millions of bots refreshing an internet browser to crash a server) and to defer visitors to redundant servers when server hundreds peak.

Basically they’re treating all their prospects like a DDOS assault and saving cash on not having a redundant webserver at AWS ( Amazon Information facilities).

Discover*****I’m being fee restricted ( as in denied entry) by cloud flare

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After I requested about this on Kucoin i used to be insta banned

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If I used to be incorrect I determine somebody would a minimum of discuss to me about it.

however when i add this server denail entry stuff on high of little nuansces like them eradicating the liquidation value on margin to extend buyer threat I received extra involved.

Their servers are taking place means too usually as nicely

Basically by not spending extra on IT they earn more money.

When the servers go down they’re nonetheless processing institutional orders by way of the OTC desk

The hyperlink under will not be spam its to the Cloudflare’s web site ( kucoins vendor)

They’re treating their very own buyer base as a threatening assault like DDOS

Kucoin is assigned a Cloudflare Ray ID, an identifier like a cellphone #. Kucoin ray id 69fc3e2db9e762eB

Kucoin makes use of Amazon Information facilities or AWS, they might recitify this entire situation through the use of geo load balancers aka a gateway load balancer

As an alternative they let the servers go down and get laggie to make more money. They lower your expenses on IT and earn a living off liquidations

Roughly 5% of their income comes from liquidations.

Helpdesk wont even acknowledge this; I designed information facilities, I understand how this works for anybody who has questions

I posted this on the Kucoin subreddit and “no shock” I used to be banned.

It legitimizes what I’m saying as if I used to be incorrect their assist desk may have requested me for my assist ticket

Edit replace********

I went and grabbed the next off their moderator record

That is thier government group and one developer



after tagging these guys on my Kucoin put up they modified the moderator record to personal

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The moderator record wasnt non-public till my put up. The one the place they banned me.


*****edit replace*

I get alot of questions and a TON mof messages with horror tales and other people asking for assist

The large query is do they find out about this

I personally PM’d the CEO u/johnny_kucoin and he responded

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How else do they know ( they’re knowingly doing this)

How this works is Amazon information facilities prices you by the cumulative assets you eat. ( cpu, gpu, information storage, ram and so on)

In these settings you possibly can throttle the digital machine/ cloud servers assets forcing it to go down. I’m not implying that they’re doing this.

I’m saying they’re knowingly utilizing settings that allow the server go down repeatedly. There are formulation to calculate hundreds on concurrent customers. They’re clearly not utilizing settings or deliberately utilizing settings that journey the server to go down.

If you happen to dig via this archive you possibly can see when outages are being reported. They get a system discover that they hit a threshold of useful resource utilization.

Now within the occasion, you might have a loopy anomaly Cloudflare and Amazon have the power to redirect to a redundant location with a expertise known as geo load balancing

Discover in my screenshot that it says there’s a gateway situation

that hyperlink talks about load balancing the gateway ( offloading the processing energy)


Infact I let the CEO know by way of PM

Post image

the date on that PM is Sept twenty ninth

That they had one other outage this previous weekend and even right this moment

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and electronic mail

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Basically thier assist desk group does nothing and so they preserve passing you backwards and forwards till you hand over.

In skilled administration the time period for that is “being managed out”

**I share these communications simply to indicate THEY DAMN WELL KNOW AND NEVER DISPUTE WHAT I SAY****

They’re getting system notices by way of electronic mail from amazon (e.g. You might be at 89% cpu utilization you must scale or you might face faliure)

Their Amazon (AWS) gross sales man is asking them each day making an attempt to promote them extra providers.

e.g. Hey i’m your hypothetical Amazon Gross sales Man ” I seen you guys are throttling cpu load on webservers, can I give you an even bigger package deal and perhaps we must always tal;ok about fail over places incase your server goes down underneath load.

frankly, I might wager my life on it that they know this is a matter and why

There isnt a knowledge middle architect (what I did) on the planet that could not reply why their servers are taking place. That is 101 degree stuff

In addition they have the power to kill the again finish server ( the place trades occur) that is executed on all main exchanges just like the HK ex

and Chicago CME

Basically the webserver sends a fire beat sign ( its actually known as that) if the heartbeat will not be heard all trades pause ( a kill swap),parts%20of%20a%20computer%20system.

That is VERY frequent design work, like home windows to a home degree … for lack of higher comparrison

In Kucoins occasion they let the webserver go down however the again finish server was nonetheless transferring. All of the whales use OTC desks and have devoted entry. In order that they processed the whale orders and let all of us burn alive and took our cash

Its protected to say they’ve ZERO believable deniability

I can share display photographs with thier assist desk if its hellp ful

I went as far as to volunteer to repair the difficulty at no cost,

Post image

The CEO went as far as to acknowledge the outage occurred and they’d do the appropriate factor but it surely was all BULL SH!t

IT was a PR stunt and nobody go cash wherever near thier losses. Right here is his reddit put up

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