How would I borrow in opposition to my ETH for a house down fee? : ethereum

Unsure what the very best place to submit that is however right here goes:

What’s the easiest way to borrow stablecoin in opposition to my ETH? I need fiat for a down fee on a house however I do not need to promote my ETH: so my thought is to borrow stablecoin then trade that for fiat. There are such a lot of platforms on the market and issues to contemplate that it is making my head spin. What do you all with far more DeFI expertise than me (I haven’t got a lot) suggest?

Ideally I’d additionally wish to earn curiosity / yield on my ETH collateral in order that I can cowl any curiosity funds with that yield (and never simply have my ETH collateral sitting there and incomes me nothing other than ETH’s personal value appreciation).

Some potential options I’ve discovered are Liquity for 0% curiosity and a really beneficiant min collateralization ratio and abracadabra for 0.5% curiosity on yvcrvSTETH, the token you get again from staking ETH at 4.9% on Lido after which LP on Curve and deposit on Yearn.

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