Greatest Avanlanche AVAX rate of interest to earn the very best APY

Beneath, we’ve got made a simple calculation why it´s essential to decide on the very best rate of interest over the second finest.

That is very true for long run holdings. Nonetheless, don´t neglect that the chance should be weight in right here. 

For instance, is it value going for the very best rate of interest if you happen to contemplate the primary possibility entails extra danger than the second best choice? This query can solely you reply and we offer the knowledge.

Let’s imagine you deposit $100 value of AVAX to MyCointainer and $100 value of AVAX to Binance. Additionally, fake the AVAX/USD worth is secure.

That is how a lot you’ll have over time

  Binance MyCointainer
Deposit $100 $100
5 years 146 184
10 years 214 339
15 years 313 625
20 years 458 1152

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